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You are always looking for the latest information on sortation technology. This is were we will keep you up to date on anything that is happening in our industry and everything you need to know about automated sortation.

Confront Peak Season

Navigate Peak Season Challenges with Automated Sortation Order volume SURGE OVERWHELMED staff Operational DISORGANIZATION Order MISTAKES MISSED […]


Book Depot’s Growth Journey

BookDepot Solved Peak Season Woes with Automated Sortation Success Peak season – a double-edged sword. Orders flood in, which is exciting but […]


Press Release – Extentions HQ completed

PRESS RELEASE ‘s-Graveland – December 4, 2023 Expansion of EuroSort ‘s-Graveland completed. Right on the N236 near […]


Is Robotic Induction The Future For Unit Sorters?

Exploring the Future of Unit Sorters: Is Robotic Induction the Way Forward?   In the realm of modern logistics, the efficiency and accuracy of […]


Industry Leader Chooses EuroSort Twin Push Tray

Featured by Modern Materials Handling Today’s shipping landscape is fast-paced and evolving, and businesses realize the paramount significance of […]


Cross Belt Sorter Vs. Cross Tray Sorter

The battle for customer satisfaction is fought in the distribution center. Everything that happens within the 4 walls has a direct influence on the […]


Automated Sortation Innovation: No Polybags Required

Each year, consumers use approximately 500 billion plastic bags—the equivalent of one million bags every single minute. And while we may think solely […]


Cross Tray XL – Press Release

EuroSort (Owings Mills, MD), a leader in innovative sortation solutions, developed the Cross-Tray Sorter in 2020.  This sorter is an industry […]


3 Considerations for MHE Selection

Don’t Let Changing Packaging Type Obsolete Your MHE.   First there was the humble corrugated carton. Then came the alternatives, polybags, […]


Why Implement an Automated Sorter?

An automated warehouse sorter is a critical element to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse operations.   Whether your company […]