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About the Eurosort Cross Tray Sorter

EuroSort’s Cross Tray Sorter was designed after watching cross-belt sorters across the industry continue to have the same problems, year after year. We set out to create a sorter that fixed the major problems with many cross-belts on the market today, namely their high cost, and their tendency to allow irregular shaped items to roll or slide off of the trays when going around turns. Our Cross Tray Sorter can easily sort the smallest, lightest, and least conveyable items and can handle small to medium parcels, e-commerce items, fashion, shoe boxes, sportswear and pharmaceutical products.

Innovation At It's Finest

Here at EuroSort, we think a little differently. While the rest of the industry was content to stick with cross-belt sorters that allowed product to fall off of the sorter around turns, EuroSort wasn’t. To fix this age old problem, we started from the beginning and designed a tray that contained each and every item within it’s four walls, regardless of shape, size, material type, or weight. We then crafted it to mechanically divert, eliminating expensive motors in each carrier, and did away with the complicated and maintenance prone power transfer. This not only made for a more robust, less expensive sorter, but it also makes for a quiet machine that requires little maintenance.

ProductsThroughputMin. Item SizeMax. Item SizeWeight
Apparel and Accessories, Books, Footwear, Electronics, and Postal and Parcel 3,000 to 17,000 trays per hour 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.25 in15 x 23 x 15.7 in10 g - 25 lbs

Benefits of the Cross Tray Sorter

  • Manual Induction Ease – Save money, reduce complication, and increase your flexibility with a machine that allows for manual induction.
  • Flex Drive System – The EuroSort Flex Drive did away with wheel-style turns, belts, and chains, effectively eliminating the last single point of failure on our sorters and increasing flexibility and reliability.
  • Safe Tray Design –No sharp edges, minimal spacing between trays, finger guarding where necessary, and thoughtfully designed touchpoints take the worry out of sortation.
  • No-Touch Pack Out – The tightest discharge pitch in the industry enables the sorting of items directly into the outbound carton/tote/container with no secondary touch during packout.
  • No-Weld Framework –Easy installation, easy expansion, and superior modularity of your sortation system.
  • Heavy Duty Tray Options – Up to 25 lbs on a single tray
  • Smallest Discharge Pitch – Increased accuracy allows for a smaller discharge pitch and a denser sorter footprint.
  • Gentle Push Product Handling – Sorting your fragile items without damage!
  • Un-Bagged/Loose Item Sorting Capability – No polybag no problem. Sort even loose garments with ease.
  • Quiet As a Mouse Operation – Noise levels below 70dB
Eurosort Cross Tray Sorting Machines

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