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“During peak periods, workers were able to pack 125,000 units per day. It took four times as many people as it would if a machine was involved, One of the older machines called a tilt-tray, for instance, had a 98% accuracy rate at dropping products into the right chute by tilting to the left or right. While 2% doesn’t seem like a big deal, it ends up being very expensive when you consider the millions of orders Gap processes every year. Gap was able to get a newer device called a Bombay sorter that has a 99.9% accuracy, which avoids thousands of returns…..”

Jim Young

“Sports Direct operates several ecommerce websites but have struggled to find a sorting solution that could accommodate the variety of items that we supply to our customers. Solutions reviewed were either not suitable for the items or simple not robust enough or fast enough for the intended workload.  The Twin Push Tray excelled on all counts. The vast majority of product comfortable fit, the system runs without outages and the speed of the system means we can process all our orders  to give great service to our customers.   This is a real world solution, not just a dream.”

Tony Westwater
Director of IT, Sports Direct

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