Multiple Channels, Multiple Locations, One Process

Omnichannel fulfillment center pick, sort, and ship items from online orders, wholesale orders, and retail replenishment orders, using one integrated warehouse automation system.  In a setting where errors can easily occur with manual operations, a flexible and reliable sortation system helps make each step of the order fulfillment process run smoothly and eliminate errors, especially when picking for both e-commerce and retail fulfillment at the same time.

How Does a Unit Sorter Fit Into Omni-Channel Fulfillment?

We subscribe fully to the theory “if it fits, it sorts”. No more worrying about whether your product will roll off the tray, or not divert correctly. If that product makes it on the tray, it will get diverted into the correct destination. We take the worry out of sorting with our omnichannel sorters.

Why are EuroSort Sorters Ideal for Omni-Channel Fulfillment?

The ability to do store fulfillment, e-commerce, and returns on the same sorter using different styles of chutes, opens up the world of omnichannel fulfillment and commerce. The ability to handle an ever-changing variety of products is essential and the Split Tray, Push Tray, and Cross Tray sorters excel at handling the largest variety of product, whether it is bagged, boxed, odd-shaped, or even round.

EuroSort trays are adaptable to a changing product mix, and with our modular aluminum structure, the EuroSort sorters can adapt and change with your growing business. Whether that is adding destinations, changing chutes, or even increasing the overall length of your machine, EuroSort sorters are here for you through it all.

Your product mix, weight, size and required capacity all have an impact on the type of sorter that would work best for omni-channel fulfillment. However, we have seen great success with the Split Tray Sorter suite for many of our customers. The Split Tray Sorter gives you different throughput options as well as high accuracy, dependability and flexibility to grow with your operations.

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