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Navigate Peak Season Challenges with Automated Sortation

Order volume SURGE




MISSED deadlines

You may recognize the above list of challenges your company faces during peak season. The time-sensitivity of this particular season strains existing distribution, and these challenges often lead to a complete disruption of everyday operations, which leads to financial losses, breeds customer dissatisfaction and mistrust, and can put a business at a competitive disadvantage. Despite the hurdles of peak seasons, this surge in business can be a golden opportunity for growth, making the current woes all the more frustrating.

EuroSort addresses these challenges, offering automated sortation solutions that not only keep up with the increased demand while maintaining accuracy but these automated sorters are also customized to a business’s specific needs. EuroSort can help you grab the peak season bull by the horns. In this blog post, we address the complexities of peak demand and explore how automated sortation offers strategic advantages in optimizing these critical seasonal phases. 


Automated Sortation is the Solution

The key to overcoming peak demand season stress is to embrace a solution that adapts seamlessly to fluctuating demands year-round. Enter automated sortation – a technology that alleviates peak season woes and positions your business to handle surges efficiently, regardless of the time of year. Operations are able to scale dynamically so that the response to increased demand is smooth, and peak season changes from a headache to a revenue powerhouse. 


While the idea of a stress-free peak season sounds out of reach, it becomes a reality when you combine the several individual benefits of automated sortation. Your products, whether large or small, heavy or light, boxed or oddly shaped, and with or without a polybag, are sorted on a comprehensive system that streamlines your operation. Let’s explore. 


Throughput Scalability

Perhaps the most impressive advantage of automated sortation is its ability to operate efficiently at a lower throughput, far below capacity, during non-peak periods for efficiency year-round. Depending on the model, EuroSort sorters can handle between 5,000 and 35,000 items per hour. When peak season hits, your operations can swiftly scale up to meet heightened throughput demands without any upgrades or hardware changes to your existing sorter and without hiring massive amounts of additional labor. 


Unparalleled Efficiency

Integrating a unit sorter greatly simplifies order fulfillment tasks.  Not only does this more straightforward process enhance overall efficiency, but it also enhances efficiency within the labor force.  Temporary workers are able to quickly grasp and execute these simplified sorting tasks, resulting in an easier and quicker training and onboarding process. The more basic processes typically also result in decreased turnover, reducing hidden hiring/training costs. 


Reliable Accuracy

The precision of an automated sorter significantly reduces the risk of errors, minimizing the impact of potential mistakes during order fulfillment.  This not only safeguards the accuracy of the sorting process but also reduces the likelihood of a single bad hire making multiple errors that could negatively impact your operation.  Inaccurate orders are a detrimental blow to customer satisfaction, and eliminating incorrect orders builds customer trust and loyalty, leading to better long-term relationships with customers. 


BookDepot Navigates Peak Demand with Ease

Does the ease of automated sortation sound too good to be true? 

See how a major player in the book industry,  BookDepot, implemented the Split Tray Sorter to transform its operations completely. 

Book Depot’s Growth Journey

Simplify Your Next Peak Season

Was your company jumping over hurdles and through hoops to survive your last busy season? A EuroSort automated sorter can make your race to the finish fast, accurate, and easy. Our sorters can solve challenges in any industry and are customized to your business’s exact needs.  Why not take the first step? Let us help you explore how your business can become significantly more efficient during both peak season and throughout the year.