CustomizableSortation Features

Tray Type and Design

The sorter tray plays a crucial role when selecting an automated sortation solution. Choose the wrong tray and your items could end up damaged, fall off the tray in turns, or even discharge to the wrong destination. Providing the correct tray for your product mix is so critical that it could be considered the system’s backbone. Details such as pockets in the tray, minimal spacing between trays, and thoroughly designed touchpoints are some innovative features that set EuroSort’s trays apart from others on the market today. The tray design and features directly impact the efficiency, accuracy, and performance of the system and should ensure the safe handling of diverse products, regardless of size, shape, weight, and whether with or without being packed in a polybag.

Fragile Items

– Electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories are susceptible to damage or breakage. Customizable tray options and a positive divert into the chute cater to fragile items to avoid damage, breakage, and mishandling.

Push Tray Sorter Cross Tray Sorter

Push Bar SorterSweeper Sorter

Oddly-Shaped Items

– Pharmaceuticals, beauty products, or sporting goods, with irregular dimensions, unconventional weight distribution, and susceptibility to moving during transport. Customizable tray options securely hold the items in place while traveling.

Cross Tray SorterSplit Tray Sorter


– When sorting books, a key consideration is preventing sliding, which can damage the dust cover, and preventing bending, creasing, tearing, or corner/spine damage. Patented tray linkage and various tray sizes ensure books travel safely to their destination.

Split Tray Sorter

Split Tray sorter - ES

Shoe & Boot Boxes

– The top of shoe boxes is typically unsecured, so it’s susceptible to falling off. A gentle discharge and a custom-designed chute can be the difference between handling shoeboxes without a problem and having to clean up loose shoes out of the chute.

Cross Tray SorterPush Tray SorterPush Bar Sorter

Un-Bagged Loose Items

– Patented tray design sorts items with or without polybags, containing loose items into separate pockets made by the sorter tray. Ditching polybags cuts costs and promotes sustainability.

Split Tray SorterCross Tray Sorter

Heavy-Duty Items

– The Split Tray Sorter is battle-tested for postal use and handles up to 25 pounds per carrier. For even heavier loads, the Twin Push Tray Sorter and Cross Tray Sorters manage postal and consumer goods up to 50 pounds per carrier.

Split Tray SorterCross Tray SorterTwin Push Tray Sorter

Apparel Sorting Equipment - EuroSort

Layout & Footprint

The flexibility to tailor the layout of a sortation system to the facility instead of the other way around is a game changer. No longer does the sorter dictate what the system needs to look like or prevent certain buildings from being possible due to space. A flexible layout ensures a streamlined process tailored to the particular requirements of an operation.
The design and arrangement of the sorter layout, chutes, and destinations allow for efficient utilization of available space to maximize throughput within a designated area.

Scalable, Modular Construction

Highly modular Push Bar Sorterand Sweeper Sorters allow for easy extension, modification, and movement with minimal downtime.  The 85% aluminum framework excludes welding and enhances flexibility for future expansion.

Flex Drive System

EuroSort’s flex drive system lets you optimize product flow with layouts like racetrack, figure 8, or even the “goggles” layout. Sorter length is unlimited and accommodates the number of destinations your sortation requires.

Sweeper Sorter - EuroSort

Space Efficiency

EuroSort’s sorters have the most precise discharge in the industry, allowing us to fit the largest number of destinations in a given space. Whether that is creating a smaller layout, extending the number of destinations, or working around constraints such as building or mezzanine columns, existing infrastructure, or changing floor elevations, our sorters can handle it.

With the most precise discharge in the industry, EuroSort’s sorters maximize destinations in tight spaces, adapt to layouts, constraints, and elements of existing infrastructure seamlessly.

Sorting Throughput

EuroSort offers a wide throughput range, from 500 to 50,000 units per hour.  Choose from the innovative Single Push Tray, the efficient Dual Split Tray, or the versatile Cross Tray XL, ensuring seamless productivity for your specific needs.

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