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As e-commerce continues to grow, so does the demand for faster and more accurate order fulfillment.  EuroSort sorters can keep your business competitive by ensuring the hundreds of thousands of products moving through your retail fulfillment centers are sorted quickly and accurately.

EuroSort sorters also reduce touches and the number of employees required to fill orders.  With 100’s of retail distribution centers already benefitting from automated retail fulfillment systems utilizing EuroSort’s speciality sorting technology, it’s clear that our systems can streamline your order fulfillment processes.  Our unique and flexible Dual Split Tray Sorters and Push Tray Sorters offer benefits not found in any other unit sorter on the market today.

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The EuroSort Dual Split Tray Sorter offers extremely high throughput, up to 34,000 trays/hour, efficient use of space with the smallest drop zone in the industry, and the flexibility to sort a large variety of different sized items, making it an ideal choice for retail fulfillment operations. Worried about a changing product mix as seasons change? With the Dual Split Tray Sorter, your worries are over. The cavity created by each tray contains even the lightest/smallest of retail items and, unlike traditional cross-belt or tilt-tray sorters, items don’t fly off of trays when going around corners.

Why Use The EuroSort Push Tray for Retail Fulfillment?

The EuroSort Push Tray Sorter has the unique capability of handling both heavy cartons and light weight apparel on the same sorter. The higher weight limit and larger size capacity of this type of sorter allow for retail fulfillment and distribution operations with larger products to be able to sort up to 100% of their product mix without needing additional exception handling processes. In comparison to today’s cross-belt or tilt-tray sorters, our push tray sorters for retail fulfillment are more cost-effective and cost-efficient because of the smaller footprint, simpler mechanisms, low maintenance requirements, and easy-to-change parts.

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Twin Push Tray - Retail Sortation - EuroSort

Whether you are experiencing a lack of space in your current sorting facility to meet the volume of items that need to be sorted, or you are looking to increase efficiency by reducing the number of touches during sorting, EuroSort has the expertise to provide you with the best retail sortation system for your distribution and retail fulfillment center needs. Contact us today to learn even more about the benefits and advantages of our retail fulfillment technologies.

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