Library, Returns, or Outbound Book sorting

EuroSort works with some of the largest publishing house’s in the world. We know what it takes to keep your product in perfect shape, and our sorters have the horsepower to tackle even your busiest days.

We Take Damage Seriously!

EuroSort understands that books are special and need to be treated as such. Whether it is preventing scratches, dinged corners, or keeping the dust covers on, we know that the presentation of the book is the first thing customers look at when they see your product. This is why we approached sorting them a bit differently. Between a patented discharge mechanism and a few different custom chute designs, our sorters can handle your product with the same care that your customers do.

Why Use a EuroSort Split Tray Sorter for Book Sorting?

EuroSort’s Split Tray Sorter line is the best in the industry at preventing damage. Our patented discharge mechanism enables books to drop completely flat out of the tray and even create neat stacks. This prevents damaged corners, scratches, and even makes sure that your dust covers stay where they are supposed to be. Books sorted 100’s of times in our demo center look brand new!


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