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Eliminating the Term "Non-Sortable"

At EuroSort, we specialize in sortation solutions designed to sort consumer goods of all shapes and sizes, from electronics and toys to packaged food items, cosmetics, and clothing.  Our philosophy is that “If it fits, it sorts,” and we are determined to eliminate the term ‘non-sortable.’ We can customize all our sorters’ layouts and chute designs to accommodate any product mix.  Our Split Tray Sorter has pockets that can securely hold irregular shapes or sizes, while the Cross-Tray Sorter releases delicate objects with care.

Doing MORE with Less

Whether your goal is to reduce labor, increase throughput, reduce floorspace, or increase accuracy, a EuroSort Sorter could be the answer. Compared to manual, batch, or cart picking, a properly sized unit sorter can improve your pick rate by up to 200% and save up to 60% of the floor space requiered for that operation. EuroSort’s industry leading tight discharge pitch, and 99+% sort accuracy ensures that with the implementation of our technology, your operation will both save space and increase accuracy. When combined with a maximum throughput of over 30,000 items/hour, a EuroSort sorter can take your operation to that next level and help you do more with less.

Why use a Cross Tray Sorter for Consumer Goods?

Irregular shaped items are the name of the game in the Consumer Goods Industry, and historically sorting those items just didn’t work. Either the item fell off the sorter in a corner, or the shape of the item didn’t allow the sorter to sort it. The EuroSort Cross Tray Sorter changes all that. With the 4 walls of the tray forming an enclosed pocket to contain even round items, and a gentle, bi-directional discharge, this sorter can handle any item that fits on the tray and prevents damage, mis-sorts, and rework. A throughput of up to 16,000 items/hour and low price point makes it a great option for both large operations looking for the next generation of technology, and smaller operations just getting into high-speed sortation.

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