When it comes to footwear sortation, EuroSort stands above the rest. Our high-volume solutions can sort through various footwear sizes and weights with efficiency and precision, tailored to the specific requirements of your business.  Whether you’re dealing with wholesale fulfillment, retail fulfillment, or e-commerce operations, our customized systems are designed to handle your entire product mix simultaneously, boosting your throughput rates.


The Single Push Tray, Twin Push Tray, and Cross Tray Sorters optimize the throughput of your distribution center by sorting footwear along with the rest of the items on your sortation system.  

These sorters feature heavy-duty tray options, gentle handling, and un-bagged loose sorting capabilities, which makes them trusted solutions for the Apparel and Accessories industry. The flexibility of design allows for a no-touch pack out with the industry’s tightest discharge pitch, a no-weld framework for easy installation, and a flexible, space saving design that fits in any distribution center

Why Use the EuroSort Push Tray and Cross Tray Sorter for Footwear?

Heavy work shoes, tall boots, athletic cleats, kid’s sneakers, clogs, sandals, and high heels can be sorted along with hats, scarves, prom dresses, neckties, necklaces, and more. The Twin PushTray sorter provides a high-throughput option for growing operations. Each tray of the sortation system allows for items large or small, heavy or light, standard or oddly shaped, and with a range of packaging to be sorted gently and accurately which saves your business time, money, and manual labor.  

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