Returns Sortation(Reverse Logistics)


40% of all items purchased online are returned. Often this results in lost revenue and wasted production. Why not take control of your returns and make them work for you instead of against you with a EuroSort Sorter.

Who uses a EuroSort Sorter for Returns (Reverse Logistics)?

Whether your business model is built around handling the returns of your customers, or you simply need a way to handle the volume of product coming back from your customers, our sorters are being used by some of the top pharmaceutical, book and toy, and retail returns companies to handle their large variety of products. Whether it is the EuroSort Split Tray, Push Tray, or Push Bar Sorter, our customers have found their EuroSort Sorters to be reliable, flexible, and cost effective.

Why use a EuroSort Push Bar Sorter for Reverse Logistics?

The EuroSort Push Bar sorter is designed around all of the things you want for your returns operation, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy. It gives you the flexibility to fit in limited spaces, expand with your needs, and handle whatever your customers decide to send back. The Push Bar’s cost-effectiveness allows your returns to make you money instead of costing you money, and its accuracy means that you won’t need to worry about items getting put back into the wrong place and screwing up your inventory.

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Push Bar Sorter with large carton boxes underneath

EuroSort Returns Sorters in Action

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