Polybag, Bottle, and Script Sorting

In the pharmaceutical industry, precision and accuracy should never be taken for granted; delivering life-saving medication must be free from errors.  That’s why EuroSort’s pharmaceutical sortation systems are designed to achieve a 100% traceability rate, ensuring pharmaceutical products are routed correctly and efficiently.  Our team is constantly looking for ways to eliminate sortation errors – an impressive accuracy rate of 99.95% simply isn’t enough if we truly want to guarantee pharmaceutical safety and quality assurance.

Trusted By The World's Largest Pharmacies

EuroSort sorters can be found in the operations of some of the largest pharmaceutical players in the world. From the simplicity and space saving design of our Sweeper Sorter to the versatility and extremely high throughput of the Quad-Tilt Tray Sorter, there is always a solution for your pharmaceutical operations. With the concave tray design and tight drop zone, our sorters can handle both your polybags and your non-conveyable bottles on one sorter within your existing facility. Utilizing clean electric motors and with noise levels below 70dB, they are proven successful in clean rooms as well as automated bottling facilities. Trust the experts and choose a EuroSort sorter for your pharmaceutical logistics.

Why Use a Eurosort Sweeper Sorter for Pharmaceutical Sorting?

The EuroSort Sweeper Sorter is ideal for central fill applications and is trusted by many of the world largest pharmacies. It’s space saving design means that it fits nicely into even crowded production environments, and it’s all electric discharge allows for low noise. With throughput of up to 7,200 items/hour it can hang with many of the largest operations while maintaining a price-point that allows for incredibly quick ROI’s.

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Sweeper Sorter - EuroSort

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