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It can be difficult for companies to keep up with their ever-growing ecommerce order demands.  EuroSort offers ecommerce sortation systems that are tailored to individual needs.  Rather than adding more labor for millions of smaller orders, EuroSort allows businesses to do more with less – reducing the physical footprint of their warehouses while increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Coupled with decades of experience in ecommerce equipment engineering, EuroSort provides comprehensive ecommerce sorting solutions that will maximize productivity while providing an immediate return on investment.  Don’t let your legacy equipment hinder your business, stay ahead of the curve with EuroSort.

What is E-commerce Sorting?

Because E-commerce orders are typically small, with only a few items per order, a completely different approach to the sorting process is required to get the same efficiency gains seen in retail sortation. This could be increasing the number of destinations on the sorter, moving to a two-pass sort, or even looking at combining a few types of technology to reduce touches. Your system also needs to be able to handle both average days as well as peak days with the same equipment and that’s where our easily scalable, automated suite of sorters come in. Below are some of our e-commerce solutions in action:

Benefits of e-commerce sorting:

Choosing automated sortation for your e-commerce operation will ultimately help you drive down the cost per piece by reducing touches, increasing facility max throughput, and nearly eliminating fulfilment mistakes, reducing re-work. How might you ask? See below

  • Efficient Use of FTE’s: Through a smart software design, you can increase the efficiency in your staffing and reduce unproductive time. For an e-commerce operation, walk time during picking is a great opportunity of “unproductive” time that can be significantly reduced through a batch or wave pick.
  • Reduce Fulfillment Mistakes: Our incredibly accurate sorters can significantly reduce your fulfillment errors and will catch any picking errors before they end up in a customers’ shipment.
  • Returns: Increased online orders naturally leads to an increase in returned items; up to 40%. Our flexible sorters can manage your returns as well as your outbound orders, further increasing the ROI and turning a typically labor-intensive process into something that can actually make you money. Read more about this in our Returns section.
E-Commerce Sortation Solutions - EuroSort

Things to consider when choosing automated sortation for E-commerce

So, you are looking to automate your e-commerce distribution center and lower your cost per pick. What do you need to consider?

  • Product Range: What kind of product do you need to sort? Single items wrapped in plastic, boxes, big, small, round, square, odd shaped? Our sorters can handle all these items and more
  • Footprint: Are you adding an e-commerce sorter to your existing building or are you preparing for a new distribution center? Either way, footprint matters, and with the smallest discharge pitch in the industry, we can either maximize the number of destinations in a small footprint or reduce the overall size of the sorter so you can get the most out of the space that you have available.
  • Maintenance and Operations Skill Level: Our simple sorters are designed to be low maintenance and low hassle. The vast majority of repairs can be completed by your own team on your own schedule, and every sorter that we deliver comes with operator training classes and hotline access to our expert technicians.
  • Future Expansion: Is there a possibility that your operations will grow far past your expectations in the next few years? If so, make sure that you have equipment that can grow with it. Our sorters are modular by design and can be extended, changed, or even moved when your operation requires it. Our service and support team will happily support you with whatever the need is.
Ecommerce Sortation Solutions - EuroSort

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