High Speed & High Capacity Unit and Shipping Sorters

EuroSort is a recognized industry leader in state of the art high-speed and high-capacity unit sorter technology. We offer a large selection of customizable Bomb Bay (Split Tray), Push Tray, Cross Tray, Push Bar and Sweeper sorters that can handle your toughest unit sortation challenges. EuroSort’s high speed unit sorters are constantly improving the productivity, accuracy, and efficiency of companies specializing in pharmaceuticals, apparel, books, postal, third party logistics, jewelry, e-commerce, and more.

Which Sorter is Right For You?

At EuroSort, our mission is to increase productivity, efficiency, and the bottom line of our customers’ core business by providing innovative and modular high-speed unit sorters for our customers’ automated sortation challenges. From our Cross Tray Sorter that allows for automated sorting of non-conveyable, hard-to-handle items to our Push Bar Sorter that excels where other linear sorters fail by handling everything from business cards up to 50 lb. cartons, our high-capacity unit sorters are capable of performing any automated sorting task which will reduce your labor costs, free up space in your facility, and make your unit sorting operation more efficient and effective. Contact us now with your requests and questions!