Book Depot'sGrowth Journey

BookDepot Solved Peak Season Woes with Automated Sortation Success

Peak season – a double-edged sword. Orders flood in, which is exciting but quickly becomes overwhelming. Your staff reels under operational disorganization, order mistakes, and missed deadlines, which lead to customer dissatisfaction. The disruption of peak season doesn’t just hurt the bottom line but also your brand image and competitive edge. 

This surge isn’t just a headache, it’s a golden opportunity for growth.  EuroSort can help you grab it by the horns. Our customized automated sortation systems maintain accuracy as order volume spikes and handle peak season challenges with ease. 

Embrace a solution that improves with demand, not breaks under it. Think of it like this: no matter how large, small, heavy, light, boxed, loose, or oddly shaped, an automated sorter handles them all.  It’s a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire operation year-round, and excels during peak season. Three features make this possible: scalability, efficiency, and accuracy. 


BookDepot Navigates Peak Demand With Ease

Does the ease of automated sortation sound too good to be true? Let’s review a case where a company’s operation was completely transformed. BookDepot, a major player in the book industry, processes a staggering 30 million books annually and directly relies on the ability to sort a high volume of books within a specified timeframe. For two decades, BookDepot relied on manual sortation, often needing to hire large amounts of additional staff for peak seasons, which resulted in longer than acceptable order fulfillment times. 


EuroSort’s Solution: The Split Tray Sorter

In 2019, BookDept installed a Split Tray Sorter to make their operations more efficient and ease manual labor demands, allowing them to sort more items faster. 

The EuroSort Split Tray Sorter, also called a Bomb-Bay Sorter, has a modular framework that does not require welding, so EuroSort’s technicians quickly and easily installed it. The trays have no sharp edges and minimal space between each. They allow items to discharge completely flat into the outbound carton or chute, ensuring that books get to their intended destination gently and accurately, regardless of shape or weight. The sorter operates quietly with noise levels below 70 dB.


Order Scalability

During the off-season, BookDepot’s new sorter took the manual sortation process limit of 2,500 units per hour up to 7,200 units per hour.  In 2023, the BookDepot had its highest Black Friday sales season ever, and the surge was easily sorted without any deviation from the sorter’s everyday operation. 


Process Efficiency

With the implementation of a sorter, each task gets simpler. Complex picking/[packing requirements get replaced with simple induction and even simpler packing. This allows the same team to get up to 3x more throughput without working “harder.” “The impact the EuroSort machine has had on our staff has been excellent. When we did it manually before, it was working individually and didn’t have the camaraderie that we have. Having them work smarter, NOT harder, really ties in that point of celebrating those achievements and the records that we’re breaking by using this sorter machine.” Jeff King, Director of Operations at BookDepot.   


Order Fulfillment Accuracy

Precision sorting means fewer order errors, building customer trust and loyalty, one accurate order at a time. BookDepot’s sortation accuracy is 99.96%, leading to a 95% customer satisfaction rating. Eliminate product returns due to incorrect orders, restocking costs, and the additional labor costs to cover these problems. 


Simplify Your Next Peak Season

Since implementing a EuroSort Split Tray Sorter, BookDepot has increased the productivity of its prior manual labor threefold. Operating at the new throughput capacity has transformed BookDepot’s operational efficiency with faster lead times, a streamlined staff, and ultimately, a highly satisfied customer base, allowing growth and profitability to surge daily and during peak demand. EuroSort invites you to witness the transformation firsthand.

Watch Book Depot’s Sorter In Action

Was your company jumping over hurdles and through hoops to survive your last busy season? Just as it did for BookDepot, a EuroSort automated sorter can make your race to the finish fast, accurate, and easy. Our sorters can solve challenges in any industry and are customized to your business’s exact needs.  Why not take the first step? Let us help you explore how your business can become significantly more efficient during both peak season and throughout the year.