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Want to know which of EuroSort’s suite of automated sorters is the perfect fit for your operation and your specific product mix? Or are you simply curious about how automated sorting can make your distribution process faster and more efficient? Discover, firsthand, which of EuroSort’s sorters is most suitable for your products at our Innovation Center in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Experience it yourself

Reviews are good, recommendations are better, but experiencing it for yourself is the best way to discover how our suite of sorters will handle your products. Our Innovation Center features all of our different sortation technologies, with various chute types, the latest camera and sensing options, as well as whatever R&D efforts our team is working on for the future. This setup allows you to extensively test your products in a real-life situation.

Our lineup of sorters:

  • Push Tray Sorters: ideal for sorting items such as cartons, shoeboxes, irregular shaped items, clothing and electronics.
  • Cross Tray Sorter: suitable for sorting items such as cartons, shoeboxes, irregular shaped items, and electronics.
  • Split Tray Sorters: designed for sorting mail, parcels, polybags, apparel, accessories, books, and jewelry.
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Twin push tray carrier with a shoebox on top of it

Bring Your Own Products (BYOP)

Our demo sorters are full size and set up to be able to test for any use cases. We have the latest in automated induction options, numerous chute designs, and different camera scanners to address any concerns. During your testing sessions, experienced advisors who specialize in your industry will provide professional advice.

We have 2 innovation centers available to visit – Owings Mills, Maryland (US) and the second one in Amsterdam (NL).

Curious about how you can save costs and make your warehouse operation more efficient? Schedule a BYOP appointment with one of our experts today.

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Image of chute with pitch reducer

Seeing is believing

During Covid it was difficult to go and see real live installations. However, we were able to ship our products to the EuroSort facility and through a live stream meeting we got to see our product being sorted on the solution that we wanted to purchase. This really helped us make the final decision and go with a EuroSort sorter.

Logistics Manager
Fashion Retailer