Industry Leader Chooses EuroSort Twin Push Tray

Featured by Modern Materials Handling

Today’s shipping landscape is fast-paced and evolving, and businesses realize the paramount significance of precise and streamlined automated sortation systems tailored to their unique operations. On June 13th, Modern Materials Handling published an article about that significance, featuring EuroSort’s sortation technology within the latest Pitney Bowes facility.   Sortation and Robotics Layout At Pitney Bowes: A new facility near Chicago uses robotic induction and sortation to speed parcels from receiving to shipping. The article is written by Bob Trebilcock, the editorial director of Modern Materials Handling and editorial advisor to Supply Chain Management Review, who has covered materials handling, technology, logistics, and supply chain topics for nearly 30 years. The article highlights how the combination of solution design and integration, automated sortation, robotics, and camera-based imaging create a smoothly operating facility. 


Key Takeaways

This informative article highlights the facility design at Pitney Bowes’ newest location, a high throughput facility handling 24,000 parcels per hour in 360,000 square feet, and includes a map of the new facility layout.  Detailing the facility’s receiving, induction, sortation, and shipping facets gives insight into the overall workflow.  The main points emphasized in the piece are related to the core set of technologies chosen, and EuroSort’s Push Tray was selected for optimized automated sortation. 


The Push Tray Sorter: The Trusted Choice

The EuroSort Twin Push Tray Sorter chosen by Pitney Bowes handles a wide variety of products on the same system; small, medium, flat, or irregularly shaped packages, larger boxes, polybags, and letters and documents are handled with ease on the same machine. Lightweight envelopes, thin magazines, tubes, and larger consumer goods are no challenge for the Twin Push Tray Sorter and can be sorted alongside traditional mail or document envelopes. 

Three walls on each tray contain products, and the system uses a mechanical divert instead of the expensive motors of other sorters on the market. The Push Tray Sorter diverts products gently and accurately, eliminating the need for multiple sorters within the same facility, which saves cost and space and increases productivity. 

Available in a Single Push Tray or Twin Push Tray option, this sortation technology type offers maximum flexibility for your changing product mix. With no single point of failure, and featuring a simple pack out, no-weld framework, small discharge pitch, and quiet operation, the Push Tray Sorter has many benefits. 


Emulate Pitney Bowes’ Success with EuroSort

EuroSort’s automated sortation system was trusted again by Pitney Bowes, a century-old company that sorts 16 billion pieces of mail for the USPS annually. Already installed and performing in six Pitney Bowes facilities, EuroSort technology is the trusted choice for optimum efficiency in the latest facility.  With the capabilities to handle Pitney Bowe’s latest sortation demands, EuroSort can be considered the leader in customized automated sortation worldwide. 

Are you ready to elevate your business’s efficiency and productivity? Want to see how you can tailor your automated sortation system to perfectly align with your business’s needs? EuroSort’s innovative technologies can revolutionize your sorting processes, streamline operations, and deliver unmatched performance.  Embrace the power of customized automated sortation for your business. 


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