Third Party Logistics(3PL) Sortation

Unit Sortation for A Changing Customer Base

Unlike Retail, E-Commerce, and other traditional applications that know the exact Sku’s that they need to process (or at the very least, the exact industry), 3PL’s are different. One year you could be processing shoes and apparel, the next electronics and in five years it could be an entirely different product mix with it’s own unique needs. Your operation needs a sorter that can adapt to your product mix, and that will allow you never to have to say ” No” when a potential customer asks if your automation can handle their product. EuroSort sorters are flexible, adaptive, and modular to allow a traditionally static piece of machinery to change with your changing needs.

Keeping Up With Your Operation

New products, scaling for peaks, changing distribution, you name it, it happens. A EuroSort Sorter helps you adapt and keep up with your customers requirements. Whether you consider our award-winning Twin Push Tray or our world-renown Split Tray, you can be assured that EuroSort Sorters can keep up with your operation regardless of product type, material, or special handling needs.

Why use a EuroSort Cross Tray Sorter for Third Party Logistics?

The EuroSort Cross Tray Sorter is an ideal choice for the 3PL operation because of the flexibility, horsepower, and space savings you can expect from it. Whether you are sorting apparel or footwear, accessories or cosmetics, the Cross Tray Sorter can handle it all. No longer will you need to worry about whether or not your automation can handle a new product type – The EuroSort Cross Tray can. With a throughput of up to 16,000 items per hour from two inductions, the Cross Tray Sorter can handle your biggest peaks, while remaining cost-effective enough to run for the rest of the year with reduced operators. Its space saving capabilities mean that you can save up to 70% footprint compared to a manual operation doing the same capacity.

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