EuroSort Expansion 's-Graveland Completed


‘s-Graveland – December 4, 2023
Expansion of EuroSort ‘s-Graveland Facility completed.

Right on the N236 near ‘s-Graveland, almost 6,000 m² extra has been added for Assembly, Research & Development and office space. Almost a year after its start on December 15, 2022, the new EuroSort extension at ‘s-Graveland was officially opened this week, entirely according to plan. EuroSort has thus doubled in size.

The popularity of online shopping has led to an explosion in the number of orders (and resulting packages) that need to be processed. And everyone expects their order to be delivered the next day. So above all this has to be fast and error-free. EuroSort develops and builds (in-house) automatic sorting systems to speed up the sorting process of individual items making this process more efficient. EuroSort is an important player in the clothing industry, e-commerce, postal and parcel services, among others. But also, for example, in the book industry and pharmaceuticals.

“Our sorting solutions operate in at least 40 countries worldwide,” says Commercial Director Edwin van Kempen. “We also see internationally that our automated sorting solutions partly compensate for the shortage of labor in the market. More work can be done with the same team.”

“This expansion was desperately needed to meet the increasing demand from the market and to fulfill our growth ambitions,” says Patrick van Haaster, Managing Director of EuroSort. “We have had a top position in the market for more than 20 years and we want to maintain that level. To remain among the top in the market, you must ensure that you are at the forefront. Research & Development will therefore have more space in the new building to experiment, test and shape their ideas. And assembly also needed more space and capacity. The workplaces have also been further optimized ergonomically for the colleagues who work here. With the extra space we now have, we will continue to work towards a healthy future.”

More Parking and Self Produced Energy

To relieve the parking pressure in the area, an indoor parking deck has been created with space for 85 cars. The extension is also completely gas-free. Cooling and heating is done electrically with a heat pump. The company’s own energy needs are largely met by the 700 solar panels on the roof of the “old” building.

Interior work on the new extension has now started. This is expected to take another 2 months. The production hall will now be furnished first, followed by the offices. In addition to the renovated head office in ‘s-Graveland, EuroSort has a HQ in the United States and a branch in Geldermalsen (ICT) and Spain.

Below is a short video of the construction:

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