Reliability is Everything

Everyday, EuroSort parcel sortation systems process millions of items for our customers around the world. Whether you are shipping polybags, mailers, cartons, or even letters, EuroSort has a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and implementing sorters that reduce touches, increase the number of shipped items/day and ultimately save you money. We understand that getting items out the door is the key to your operation, and our shipping sortation systems are proven tough in the harshest environments, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in facilities around the world.

Who Uses a Eurosort Sorter?

Parcel carriers, first mile carriers, final mile shippers, retailers, and shipping consolidators all trust EuroSort to be able to handle the variety of parcels they see everyday with the accuracy and robustness that EuroSort is known for. At EuroSort, we take pride in our vast experience handling any and all of your automated parcel and packet sorting needs, from dimensioning and weighing to pre-sorting and post sorting, we have done it all.

Regardless of whether your path to ROI is in increasing your pre-sort to take advantage of significant USPS/Fedex/UPS savings, or in being able to compete in this post-Amazon world of two day shipping, a EuroSort Split Tray or Push Tray Sorter could be the technology you need.

Why use a EuroSort Sorter for Parcel Sortation?

It comes down to experience, around the world EuroSort sorters process almost a million parcels an hour. With that many items traveling on our systems everyday, you can be sure that EuroSort has the experience to handle any parcel sorting challenges. Our suite of sortation technology is custom designed for the parcel world with features like non-magnetic trays, heavy duty carriers, and an all-electronic operation to make sure that your operation just keeps running, day after day, and week after week. Our patented split tray sorter allows for the smallest possible footprints, and more destinations than you ever thought possible.

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