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Apparel & Accessories Sorting

sorting trays on loop system with shirts

When you are considering a unit sorter for your apparel and/or accessories operation, trust in the experts in apparel. Millions of pieces of clothing and accessories are sorted every hour by our apparel sorting systems around the world. Our apparel and footwear sortation systems are well suited for both retail and e-commerce applications.

At EuroSort, we got our start in the apparel sorting industry and we have 16 years of experience sorting everything from the smallest of socks to the largest of wedding dresses for the biggest names in apparel. With the smallest drop-zone in the industry and the ability to sort direct to box or to a custom-designed chute, the EuroSort Split Tray allows for the flexibility you need day in and day out.

Looking to sort both cartons and polybags on one sorter?

The EuroSort Push Tray sorter is ideal for those operations that are sorting many cartons or shoe boxes in addition to apparel, garments and accessories, or who are using the sorter as both an order consolidation sorter and a shipping sorter. Our Split Tray (Bomb-Bay) and Twin Push Tray Sorters can live up to your throughput, spatial, and reliability needs at a price you can afford. Whether your apparel and accessory application is retail replenishment, e-commerce, or returns processing, you can be sure that our bom-bay sorters for apparel can handle it.

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