Batch Induction

EuroSort's Batch Induction

EuroSort’s batch induction system is a game-changer for efficiently handling items without barcodes and eliminating the need for polybags. By utilizing advanced imaging technology, it can accurately sort a wide range of products, even those without traditional labels or packaging. This innovative solution not only saves time and labor but also reduces the environmental impact by minimizing the use of polybags. With EuroSort’s batch induction, you can take your sorting operations to the next level, ensuring smooth and efficient processing of various items, barcode-free and eco-friendly.

Simple Idea - Huge Operational Effect

Imagine a scenario where you no longer had to worry about relabeling items from your suppliers, polybagging loose items so that your MHE can handle them, or dealing with reprinting damaged barcodes. We’ve taken a close look at the most troublesome aspects of your operations and developed innovative solutions to eliminate these headaches. With our system in place, your employees can dedicate their time and energy to efficiently moving items out the door, rather than wrestling with barcode-related challenges. It’s time to streamline your processes and enhance productivity.

How does it work?

EuroSort’s Batch Induction system incorporates cutting-edge technology, featuring EuroSight cameras positioned both before and after each inductor. These advanced item detection cameras are designed to understand the precise appearance of each tray, instantly recognizing any deviations from the norm.

When an operator receives a tote or master carton of products, they can scan the carton’s barcode or the tote’s LPN. At this point, the system references the active wave and determines the number of items required. The operator’s screen then displays this count, allowing them to efficiently induct the items as the screen counts down. Whether it’s our Single Push Tray, Dual Split Tray, or the innovative Cross Tray XL, the EuroSight system seamlessly identifies when items are placed on the tray and automatically assigns them the corresponding barcode, ensuring precision throughout the process.

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