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Twin Push Tray Sorter

Our award-winning Twin Push Tray Sorter is designed around flexibility and throughput. This is our response to the typical use of a cross belt sorter or tilt tray at a much lower cost and significantly reduced footprint. The multi-section push tray allows for two smaller items to be placed (1 in each section) or 1 larger item across both sections, increasing the variety of sortable items on this push tray, and making it much more efficient for a changing sku base.

Award-winning technology:

Sorting anything from a business card to a 50lb carton on the same tray, this twin push tray sorting unit is incredibly useful in the e-commerce, postal, and retail worlds. It can handle polybags and cartons on the same sorter, reducing the need for two sorters, and can do so at rates of up to 13,600 items/hour.

Twin push tray features:

  • Twin Tray – Our twin tray allows for double the throughput capacity of our Single Push Tray, and the highest throughput of any push tray sorter on the market
  • Gentle Push Product Handling – Our twin push tray sorters use a positive divert to gently push items off the tray and slide them into the chute allowing for sortation of fragile or odd shaped items.
  • Manual Induction Ease – Our collection of sortation technology, including our twin push tray sorters, allows for easy, safe manual induction to attain the high throughputs required by many of our customers.
  • Flex Drive Functionality – With the elimination of wheel-style turns and the utilization of our distributed system of small electric motors, our twin push tray sorters can easily handle inclines, declines, and positive and negative turns.
  • Safe Tray Design – Safety and utility are crucial for all of our customers, so we designed our trays to be extremely close to each other, enabling high throughput with a lower sorter speed.
  • No-Weld Framework – EuroSort’s twin push tray sorter utilizes an 80% aluminum framework that eliminates the need for welding, allowing easy installation, expansion, and modularity of your sortation system.
  • Heavy Duty Tray Options – Our twin push tray sorter is capable of heavy duty use with the capacity to hold up to 50 lbs on a single tray.
  • Smallest Drop Zone – Compared to other push tray sorters today, our twin push tray sorters have a smaller discharge pitch and a higher accuracy
WeightMax. Size ProductMin. Size ProductThroughput
0.05 – 20 kg675 x 600 x 400 mm40 x 40 x 6 mm13,600 trays/hr
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