Welcome to the EuroSort Flex Drive System

EuroSort designed our Flex Drive System from the ground up in order to improve on the limitations of traditional belt driven systems that were holding unit and shipping sorters back from their full potential. This limitation is mainly centered around 3 points, sorter length, the inability to change elevations, and a single point of failure. We will cover each point in more detail below.


Eurosort Drive Mechanism installed and ready for use.


Freedom from Sorter Length Limitations


Design flexibility is obviously fully dependent on hardware restrictions. In this case, the hardware restriction revolved around the maximum length of the belt that drove our sorters. By eliminating the belt and switching to a series of distributed drives in our patented Flex Drive System, EuroSort no longer has a maximum length of our sorters. We now have the ability to design completely according to the operation and facility needs, regardless of the sorter length that requires. Whether the sorter is 50 feet or a ¼ mile long, our Flex Drive System can handle it.


Mailing and distribution facility fully functional with sorting equipment from EuroSort.


The Flexibility to Change Elevation


One of the main constraints with traditional belt driven systems is requirement to maintain a 2D system, the belt could only bend in one dimension. This constraint restricts the layout to a simple racetrack design, either a rectangle or an oval. While this type of layout can actually be the right choice and incredibly space efficient for many of our customers, it does not always fit in the available space within a brown-field facility. For those facilities that need more destinations (sort points) than their available space can support in a racetrack configuration, we designed our Flex Drive System with the ability to incline up and down. This allows the sorter to pass over itself and fit more destinations in a similar space.


Flexible Layout machinery image.


Elimination of a Single Point of Failure Item


In traditional belt driven systems, the drive belt or chain is a single point of failure item. If that breaks, your entire system is down until you can fix or replace it. In today’s fast paced fulfillment world, your operation being down for hours or days is simply not an option. EuroSort designed our Flex Drive System to have the built-in redundancy to run even if you lose one of the motors. This redundancy prevents costly down-time and helps our customers keep their operation moving forward.


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