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Push Tray Sorter

Carton and Poly-Bag Sorting on One Machine

The EuroSort Push-Tray Sorter was designed from the ground up to be one of the most versatile and flexible unit sorters in the industry. With the ability to handle everything from poly-bags/apparel/odd-shaped items to heavy cartons at the same time, this push tray sorting unit helps eliminate the need for multiple sorters saving cost and space, increasing productivity, and enabling a more efficient pick. 

Benefits of the EuroSort Push Tray Sorter

  • Performance
    • Up to 13,300 trays/hour from one induction area
  • Flexibility
    • The EuroSort Flex Drive System provides extreme flexibility in layouts, allowing for inclines, declines, left and right turns, and unlimited lengths
  • Range of Product
    • From as small as a business card up to a 50 lb package, if it fits on the carrier, this push tray sortation machine can handle it
  • Simplicity
    • Simple, efficient design decreases cost and increases uptime
  • Accuracy
    • A patented discharge mechanism enables a discharge zone up to 2x smaller than comparable technologies and uses a positive (physical) discharge to ensure that every item gets diverted to the correct destination regardless of shape, size, or material
  • Safety
    • Minimal spacing between the carriers increases safety, throughput, and up-time

Learn about the two types of EuroSort Push Tray Sorters below