Ground breaking innovation

Is your facility space limited? Do you need to do more without expanding your building? Or maybe you would just like your automated sortation operation to take up less footprint to leave room for other value added processes? Regardless of the motivation, this ground breaking innovation (Patent Pending) allows EuroSort is able to do it all! With up to a 40% smaller footprint compared to our current options, and a significant increase in flexibility and cost savings, the Pitch Reducer is the future.

Simplicity with a huge impact

Often the simplest ideas are the best and this is no different. When choosing the right equipment for your automated sortation operation, footprint is often a challenge. EuroSort’s sorters already offer up to 50% smaller destinations that competitive equipment, but with this new, yet simple, innovation we can give you more; Much more!

How does it work?

The Chute Pitch Reducer is a active vertical door that guides a product sliding down the chute. Doing so allows us to create a chute that is much narrower than what was available before. This new innovation has already been successfully implemented by our customers and for one of them, we were able to increase the number of chutes from about 300 exits to well over 400 in the same footprint!

The chute pitch reducer works extremely well with our Push Tray and Cross Tray solutions where products slide down a chute from the sorter and there is almost no limit on the type of applications this could work with.

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