EuroSort at Parcel Forum 2023 Booth 102

Simple & Smart

The Split Tray Sorter, Flat Tray, or Bombay Sorter. Different names, same sorter. A proven success for postal, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, and more. The popular choice with the biggest parcel companies (Such as USPS) This ideal high-capacity sorter is suitable for a wide product range and both carrier sorting and a more granular DDU sort.


Speed and sorting accuracy, high throughput, lower costs, lower maintenance, and extremely high durability

Our Sortation Solutions are proven across the parcel handling industry, and are designed to run 24/7 without downtime.

At EuroSort, we take pride in our vast experience handling any of your automated parcel sorting needs.



EuroSort is your destination for sorting excellence, regardless of your industry or scope. We thrive on delivering solutions that streamline your operations, boost accuracy, and elevate efficiency. Get in touch with us today to discover how EuroSort can make a difference in your sorting processes or talk to one of our specialists in Booth 102 at Parcel Forum 2023.

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