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Don’t Let Changing Packaging Type Obsolete Your MHE.


First there was the humble corrugated carton. Then came the alternatives, polybags, bubble mailers, shrink wrap, etc. As shippers looked for packaging that would provide the protection required for their items, yet reduce the costs to ship said items, creative new designs came out to boost the bottom line. Though this was largely successful, the un-intended side effects on material handling equipment (MHE) became clear, no longer would legacy systems that were designed for cartons with sturdy flat bottoms be able to continue to handle the wide variety of packaging now in use.

Nowhere was this more apparent than at the sortation level – polybags jammed in shoe sorters and bubble mailers rolled off cross-belt sorters. So how do you make sure that, as these packaging innovations come into widespread use, that your expensive MHE does not become obsoleted?


  • Choose a linear sorter that uses a positive discharge


When considering a traditional linear style sorter for outbound sortation, one of the main issues that EuroSort has seen is that irregular shaped items do not always discharge accurately. This could happen for a few reasons, but we mainly see it when the product rolls while being discharged (such as on a cross-belt, narrow belt, or rollerball conveyor), this means that it does not discharge when expected, and the item ends up in the wrong destination.

EuroSort’s Push Bar Sorter eliminates that issue by using a positive divert that physically ensures that every item is discharged correctly, regardless of size, shape, or material type.


  • Consider tray sorters that eliminate conveyor transfers


Though conveyor-based sorters have been the standard, switching to a tray-based sorter could have many advantages with changing packaging types. By utilizing a tray sorter in which each tray only contains one item, you can eliminate conveyor transfers and the associated hassle of items getting stuck between conveyors and sucked into the drive unit.

The Eurosort Split Tray Sorter, Push Tray Sorter, and Cross Tray Sorter utilize this tray sorting mentality and offers the ability to manually induct, which aids in reducing capital expenditure, improving flexibility, and eliminating polybags getting stuck between belt transfers.


  • Plan for the unexpected


Package types will continue to change, whether that is to re-usable packaging, paper-based polybags, or maybe something not even thought of today. Buying a outbound shipping sorter is typically a long term investment and you want to make certain that your system can handle changing package types. Be wary of technology that does not give future adaptability or has significant packaging limitations.

The EuroSort Split Tray Sorter is highly proven with postal carriers around the world and can sort anything from light polybags to heavy cartons which gives a flexibility not found in other sorting solutions.


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