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Sweeper Sorter

What is a Sweeper Sorter?

Originally developed as a sweeper for no-reads during auto-induction, the EuroSort Sweeper ​Sorter has developed into a compact, low budget sorter, with a dense sort, and throughput designed for medium sized operations.

The Sweeper Sorter is ideal for applications involving items under 5 inches and 5 lbs. With the ability to add destinations and track with ease, this sweeper belt modular system is ideal for products such as books, pharmaceutical products, small packages, polybags, mail, multimedia and jewelry.

A great alternative to loop sorter equipment, its small, linear footprint is great for existing facilities that cannot fit a loop sorter, and need to increase throughput. 

Sweeper Sorter Features

  • Small Discharge Zone – The EuroSort Sweeper Sorter has an extremely dense sort due to it’s space saving design and tight divert centers.
  • Low investment – Simple modules and common parts make this sorter extremely cost efficient, and decreases lead time
  • High accuracy – Trusted by central-fill operations around the country, the EuroSort Sweeper Sorter is extremely accurate, and has the ability to create a fully traceable sort with no manual QC.
  • Low maintenance – Simplicity means less to go wrong
  • Easily Expandable – The Sweeper Sorter is designed around common modules that allow for easy expansion in the future with minimal or no downtime
  • Small Item Master – Able to sort anything from a greeting card to a cell phone to a polybag or small carton, the sweeper sorter excels where other linear and loop sorters struggle.
WeightMax. SizeMin. SizeThroughput
0.01 x 2.5 kg400 x 350 x 150 mm20 x 20 x 2 mm7,200 items/hr
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