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Push Bar Sorter

What is a Push Bar Sorter?

First installed in 2004 and fully overhauled in 2019, the EuroSort Push Bar Sorter (also called a pusher sorter or push sorter) is a proven tool in the EuroSort toolbox for operations looking to automate manual processes. The wide range of sortable products, extreme layout flexibility, and easy scalability allow our pusher sorters to achieve a quick ROI and significantly increased productivity in all operations.

The EuroSort Push Bar Sorter’s precise bi-directional sorting allows for the accurate discharge of a large variety of products into an extremely tight destination such as an outbound carton or mailsack. Like our other automated sortation systems, our Push Bar Sorter is designed to be space conscious and require minimal maintenance.

When it comes to bi-directional sorting, the EuroSort Push Bar Sorter accurately sorts items from as small as a single business card or individual polybag, all the way up to a 30-inch carton at rates of up to 3,000 items/hour. Our Push Bar Sorter is starting to become the go-to solution for reliable linear sortation at a more affordable price point than any other pusher sorter on the market. With the EuroSort Push Bar Sorter, if you can convey it, we can sort it!

Push Bar Sorter Features

  • Performance – Our pusher sorter can sort up to 4,000 items/hour.
  • Accuracy – With a positive push divert, the push bar ensures that all items are discharged correctly regardless of shape, weight, or material.
  • Flexibility – Inclines, declines, left and right turns, even floor changes and spirals are all possible for our Push Bar Sorter.
  • Handling Variety – From a single piece of mail up to a 50 lb. carton, if it can be conveyed, our push sorter can sort it.
  • Modularity and Simplicity – Based around a simple diverting concept, our pusher sorter is extremely modular and easy to extend or re-configure as your business evolves.
  • Cost – Simple mechanisms and no extra fluff make the EuroSort Push Bar Sorter one of the most cost-effective sorting solutions on the market.
WeightMax. SizeMin. SizeThroughput
0.01 – 25 kg950 x 600 x 150 mm90 x 50 x 1 mmUp to 4,000 items/hr*
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