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Returns Sorting Equipment

COVID-19 has changed retail as we know it. E-Commerce is a convenience until stores are closed and customers physically cannot come to try on/purchase their items. This led to a significant increase in e-commerce purchases and, because up to 40% of all items purchased online are returned, an equal and opposite increase in returned items. No longer can these items be ignored until there is a convenient time to process, it needs to be a concurrent process to get those items either back onto shelves/inventory, back to the manufacturer, or out to be trashed.

Enter the EuroSort Push Bar Sorter

This is the solution for distribution center sortation. The EuroSort Push Bar Sorter is designed to be an extremely cost effective way to automate a previously manual process, and with a short lead time can be implemented quickly and with minimal disruption to your operation. The flexibility in being able to handle your entire product range (down to the size of a gift card) means that your returns process can remain where it is, but requires less labor, and less time, leaving you with more time to get those e-com orders out the door.

From 10 destinations to 3,000, EuroSort has the experience and knowledge in designing and building returns sorters for some of the largest names in the retail and e-tail industries.

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