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Parcel and Package Sortation

package sorting system

EuroSort has extensive expertise in automated mail sorting and parcel sortation, with over 100 of our parcel sorters installed in locations all over the world, sorting everything from small bubble mailers or polybags, all the way up to large cartons. Our parcel sortation systems are proven tough in the harshest environments, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At EuroSort, we take pride in our vast experience handling any of your automated parcel and packet sorting needs, from dimensioning and weighing to pre-sorting and post sorting, we have done it all.

Our heavy-duty, non-magnetic sorter trays are designed specifically for the rigors of the automated parcel sorting environment. EuroSort’s packet sorting machines offer the most flexible solutions in the automated mail sorting industry by enabling a sort directly to postal containers, such as postal bags, wiretainers, metal carts, and gaylords, reducing the number of touches required to complete the sort. The flexibility of our parcel sorting systems also helps you save time, lower costs through decreased labor hours, and increase the sorting accuracy without increasing the total footprint of the parcel sorter.
EuroSort’s parcel sortation systems have the key element of providing extremely low downtime by having a small number of easy and quick-to-change parts.

Parcel Sorting System Benefits and Capabilities:

• Weight capacity of up to 50 lbs.
• Manual or automatic induction for sorting up to 30,000 items per hour
• Automatic in-line weighing, dimensioning, and label application
• Custom chute designs for denser sorting
• Significantly lower capital investment than comparable technology
• Low-cost, yearly service contracts

At EuroSort, we have the ability to provide parcel sorting solutions as mechanical-only, mechanical with machine control, or full turn-key parcel sortation systems. With two heavy-duty versions of our sorters – our 25 lb. capacity Split Tray Sorter and the 50 lb. capacity Twin Push Tray Sorter – we can handle anything from an empty polybag to a 50 lb. carton on the same sorter. Whether you need complete automated mail sorting systems installed in multiple locations or need a parcel and packet sorting system for your first warehouse, we are equipped and prepared to help you solve all of your small parcel sorting needs. Contact EuroSort today to learn more!

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