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Pharmaceutical and Central-Fill Sortation

Pharmaceutical Sorting

EuroSort sorters are the proven standard in the pharmaceutical industry and are used by 6 of the Top 7 Pharmacies in North America. Regardless of whether you need to sort pharmaceutical bottles for batching orders, or are sorting polybags for your PBM or central fill operation, EuroSort has a sorter that can fit your needs. With the concave tray design of our split tray sorter and industry leading tight drop zone, we can handle both your polybags and your non-conveyable bottles on one sorter within your existing facility footprint.

​Utilizing small, clean, electric motors and with noise levels below 70 dB, they are proven successful in clean rooms and automated bottling facilities. Some of the biggest names in pharma are using our Sweeper Sorters for pharmaceuticals and Split Tray Sorters for bottle and bag sortation. Shouldn’t you?

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