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New: Single Cross Tray Sorter from EuroSort

Flawless sorting of fragile consumer goods, lightweight packages and non-conveyable items

The Single Cross Tray Sorter that EuroSort is introducing at LogiMAT is an answer to an increasingly pressing problem with sorting small, lightweight and difficult to handle items which are seen within the e-commerce, fashion, shoes, sportswear, small parcel and pharma industry. Previously non sortable items now remain safely inside the sorter carrier, are no longer seen flying out of a sorter, or sort to the wrong exit. The secret: EuroSort’s unique tray design (which encloses the item on all four sides)  along with two-sided cleats which provide a forced discharge so that every item, regardless of weight or size, reaches the correct exit. An additional advantage: the Single Cross Tray Sorter is an compact and cost-efficient sorting system that can easily be incorporated into any layout.

A fully automatic sorting system is the answer to fast-growing volumes. Until now, the market had lacked a system that could sort large volumes of small, light, irregular shaped and cylindrical items accurately and reliably. The increasing volumes of very small and light parcels coming from marketplaces such as Alibaba and JD.com are a challenge for cross belt sorters and other standard sorting systems. These badly packaged products – often poorly packed in just a layer of wrapping with copious amounts of tape and labels – are causing an increasing number of mis-sorts, lost items and rework. It provides the existing sorting centers, which are more often set up for larger and well-packaged parcels, major concerns.

Enclosed on four sides with cleats

The brand new Single Cross Tray Sorter from EuroSort Systems is set to change this. From now on, every article will remain where it’s supposed to be. Whether that’s a pair of shoes, t-shirt, tube of tennis balls, box of medicine or a small parcel. The most innovative aspect is the tray, which is enclosed on all four sides. This feature ensures that every item – large, small, flat or round – remains in the tray throughout the entire sorter loop. When the tray has reached the correct sorting exit, the cleats on both sides of the carrier will start to move. They provide a forced discharge, so that every item, regardless of shape, weight or size, reaches the right exit. An additional advantage is that the cleats of the trays can move in two directions, to the left or right side of the sorter track. This enables two-sided discharging, which means that the number of exits per square meter is more than with most conventional sorting systems. This feature makes the Single Cross Tray Sorter a member of the compact sorting solutions on the market today.

Significantly lower costs

The Single Cross Tray Sorter from EuroSort Systems excels in other aspects too. Both investment and operational costs are significantly lower than conventional solutions. The unique proven EuroSort Friction Drive System makes the use of heavy electric motors redundant, while the individual product carriers do not need any electric drive at all. This leads to a flexible and scalable solution, remarkably low energy consumption and a minimum of maintenance. Another important advantage is that items can be introduced manually onto the EuroSort sorter so companies do not have to invest in a costly and cumbersome automatic input system.

If needed automatic infeed lines are available for additional functions such as weighing, dimensioning and labelling of the product. For these special applications, EuroSort can provide either top- or side loading auto induction. Moreover, the relatively light system can be installed on a light/standard load intermediate or mezzanine floors. Especially now that the demand for sorting capacity is ever-increasing, EuroSort makes it possible to use less space more efficiently.

The brand-new sorting solution can be seen at the LogiMAT trade fair at EuroSort Systems’ stand D52 in hall 3.


Note for the press
High-res images and this press release in PDF-format are downloadable via this web page (scroll down).
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