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Post, Asian mail and restmail sorting

EuroSort: the right sorting solution for every mail flow
There are various different sorting machines available for the processing of mail flows. Irrespective of whether it concerns small, light packages (sometimes also referred to as Chinese mail), or large, heavy packages. Every type of machine will have its own unique characteristics and speciality. Following is a selection of our sorters, which you can use to offer your customer the optimal solution.

Small, light packages and envelopes
The Split Tray Sorter, Tilt Tray Sorter and Cross Tray Sorter are ideal for sorting mail, small and light packages and postal packages. The trays are enclosed on all four sides, meaning every product – large, small, flat or round – remains in place throughout its entire journey on the sorter.

The (patented) trays of the Split Tray Sorter can quickly and simultaneously be opened, making sure the mail, Chinese mail and packages accurately fall straight down onto a very small area. This means this type of sorting machine is even suitable for very light products.

The Cross Tray Sorter works differently. A belt, on which a package is placed, moves to the left or right so the package starts to slide off gently. This makes this machine not only suitable for small, light and round products, but also for fragile products. An additional advantage is two-sided discharge which maintains a compact footprint.

Innovative Push Tray Sorter: the solution for large packages
The Push Tray Sorter, developed by EuroSort, presents the perfect solution for large and heavy packages. This sorting machine has even been nominated for the Sorting Center Innovation of the Year 2017 at the Post Expo 2017.

Bundles, especially magazines or brochures and padded envelopes, are suitable for sorting on a Tilt Tray Sorter or Push Tray Sorter. Thick, thin and high envelopes, boxes and packages can be effectively sorted with a Push Tray Sorter or Twin Push Tray Sorter.

Flexible as a result of the modular construction
A EuroSort sorting machine has been modularly constructed and can always be expanded with, for example, a unit for the dynamic (in line) weighing and measuring of postal items, address recognition (OCR and video encoding) and automatic induction. A Eurosort sorter can also be extended or reduced in line with specific requirements.

Please contact Gert Jan Veelenturf, International Sales Representative for further information on sorting with sorting machines

Contact Gert Jan Veelenturf
Int. Sales representative Postal Market