Dual Split Tray Sorter

The EuroSort Dual Split Tray is a favorite among customers with a large variety of products who require a high throughput in the smallest possible space. 

The Dual Split Tray provides the ability to sort one large item, or two small items using the same tray. This eliminates the need to size trays according to the largest item and doubles the possible throughput without increasing the overall size of the sorter.

Dual Split Tray features:

  • Double Tray = Double the the throughput capacity of our Single Split Tray
  • Ease of Manual Induction
  • Flex Drive Functionality
  • Safe Tray Design
  • Flat-Drop Technology
  • No Touch Pack-Out
  • No-Weld Framework
  • Smallest Drop Zone in the industry
  • Manual or Overhead Auto-Induction 
Max Weight Max Item Size Min Item Size Throughput
50 lbs  15 x 39 in 1 x 1 in 14,400 trays/hour