Twin Push Tray Sorter

Our award winning Twin-Pushtray sorter is designed around flexibility and throughput. This is our response to the typical use of a cross-belt or tilt-tray at a much lower cost and significantly reduced footprint.

Award winning technology:

Sorting anything from a business card to a 50lb carton on the same tray, the twin-pushtray is incredibly useful in the e-commerce, postal, and retail worlds. It can handle polybags and cartons on the same sorter, reducing the need for two sorters, and can do so at rates of up to 13,300 items/hour.

Twin Push Tray Features:

  • Twin Tray = Double the the throughput capacity of our Single Push Tray
  • Manual Induction Ease
  • Flex Drive Functionality
  • Safe Tray Design
  • Gentle Push Product Handling
  • Small Destination
  • No-Weld Framework
  • Heavy Duty Version Available
Max Size Product Min Size Product Max Weight Min Weight
30 x 24 in  1 in x 1 in x .01 in 50 lbs 1 g