Single Cross Tray Sorter

Flawless sorting of fragile consumer goods, lightweight packages and non-conveyable items

EuroSort’s Single Cross Tray Sorter can easily sort the smallest, lightest, and least conveyable items. The sorter is  suitable for small parcels, e-commerce items, fashion, shoe boxes, sportswear and pharmaceutical product.

The trays are enclosed on all four sides, meaning every product – large, small, flat or round - remain in place throughout its entire journey on the sorter. The cleats on both sides of the tray provide a forced discharge, so each item will end up in the correct exit while making  two-sided discharging possible.

Single Cross Tray Sorter Advantages

  • Enclosed Trays - trays are enclosed on four sides so items stay in place around turns
  • Two Sided, Forced Discharge – maintains a compact footprint and eliminates sort errors and rework
    • Works well with small, lightweight, smooth and cylindrical items
  • Proven Friction Drive System - extremely low energy consumption
  • Modular Design – lowers maintenance and spare parts costs
  • Light Construction – enables installation on standard mezzanine floors
  • Lower Investment Costs - no motors in the carriers, and no expensive automatic induction system required

Machine capacity 9.600 trays/hour
Sorting capacity 13.300 items/hour*
Speed 1,2 m/s
Weight min. 0,05 g / max. 15 kg
Item Size min. 40 x 40 x 1 mm / max. 400 x 600 x 400 mm
Tray sizes 400 x 600 mm
*Depending on the system configuration