E-Commerce is the fastest growing segment of the material handling industry, and needs a sorter that can keep up with an ever increasing demand, and changing requirements.  

EuroSort sorters excel in the area of e-commerce where it is desired to fit the most destinations in the smallest footprint. With the smallest drop-zone in the industry and custom-designed chutes, the EuroSort Sorter Suite allows for the high throughput required by e-commerce operations and the tight footprint to fit within the existing operation. 

We know that returns are a large part of e-commerce, with the ability to handle incoming returns and outgoing product on the same EuroSort Sorter, at the same time, you gain the flexibility of adapting to a changing demand and eliminating the need for two machines, or two shifts. 

From 10 destinations to 3,000, EuroSort has the experience and knowledge in designing and building e-commerce focused sorters for some of the largest names in the retail industry. 

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