EuroSort Sorter Terminology

Flat drop technologyFlat Drop Technology

EuroSort Bomb Bay sorters utilize our patented linkage to ensure that the tray blades open at exactly the same time,causing the item  drop completely flat out of the tray. This flat drop ensures that the product stacks well in the destination/carton/tote as well as enables handling of products that cannot slide without damage (such as multimedia and books)

  No-Weld Framework

All Eurosort sorters use an 80% aluminum framework that allows for the elimination of welding from the installation process, as well as a reduced install time and ease of modularity and expansion. No hot permits, no problems!

  Safe Tray Design

EuroSort trays sit extremely close to each other on the sorter enabling high throughput with a low sorter speed. This closeness also helps eliminate inductor injuries and articles inducted between trays.

​Safety and Utility!
Flex Drive System

The EuroSort Flex-Drive System is a distributed system of small motors that drive the sorter. The elimination of large wheel-style turns and the introduction of our patented dogbone tray connectors allows for inclines and declines as well as positive and negative turns. This flexibility allows for creativity in sorter shape and allows for a denser sort.

  No-Touch Pack Out

The EuroSort Bomb Bay Sorter with Flat-Drop Technology as well as the EuroSort Pushtray and Sweeper Sorters allow for the sorting to a destination without the need for a second touch during pack-out. An operator can simply scan out the carton/tote and push it through to a take-away conveyor without the need to "groom" the box or make sure that the articles inside are stacking well.

  Manual Induction Ease

The EuroSort sortation suite maintains the high throughputs that our customers require, but run much slower than the average sorter. This slower speed not only reduces the size of our destinations enabling a denser sort, but it also allows for the use of manual induction in addition to automatic induction capability.

No Barcode or Polybag Sorting Capability

No barcode or polybag no problem. The EuroSort Sorter Suite can handle items without a barcode or a polybag enabling cost savings and helping make our planet a little greener at the same time.

  Heavy Duty Versions

We have designed heavy duty versions of both our single-split tray sorter and our twin-pushtray sorter. This allows our heavy use customers to load up the tray with a heavy carton on one tray while sorting a light item on the next.
  Gentle Push Product Handling

The EuroSort Pushtray and Twin Pushtray Sorters use a positive divert to gently push items off the tray and slide them into the chute. This allows for sorting fragile items such as  electronics, jewelry, and accessories without damage.