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EuroSort – Perfecting the Science of Unit Sortation

A unit sortation system receives bulk items in totes or master cases from picking, and sorts each item into a discrete order. This enables drastically increased (as much as 200%) pick efficiency, lower operation and labor costs, quicker order fulfillment, greater scalability for peak, and increased order accuracy. EuroSort specializes in manufacturing high speed unit sortation systems for a variety of warehousing and distribution applications including e-commerce order fulfillment, buy online pickup in store, returns processing (reverse logistics), postal sorting, kitting, central fill store replenishment, and more. Our automated sortation systems use a variety of induction methods in combination with our patented sorter trays and custom chutes in the process of sorting items into correct outbound orders. Our sortation systems have an array of applications, from batching individual orders to consolidating multiple orders into a manual or automated putwall, and even sorting returned items back into put-away groupings by aisle or product type.

Today, the need for automated warehouse sorting systems has grown significantly in almost every industry and are critical to the success of distribution centers and warehouses. We design and manufacture high speed unit sortation systems using efficient, space saving designs at a higher quality for a lower price, with a smaller footprint than other automated sortation technology on the market. Our automated modular sortation systems are simple and robust, and improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in facilities needing automated sorting capabilities. EuroSort has a line of sortation systems to meet a wide variety of product sizes and shapes, volumes, and functions.

Our proven automated sortation systems and effective partnerships allow us to remain one of the last independent sortation companies in the sortation industry. Through our well-versed personnel and extensive industry contacts, we offer a huge breadth of experience and a wide range of automated sortation systems for all sorting applications including warehouses, shipping, retail, and ecommerce. Our team is ready to assist you with any unit or shipping sorting requests and questions you have. Contact us today!